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Do you need domestic special spruce lumber? Contact UrjalaWood Oy! We are experienced woodworking experts and provide customer-oriented service to operators in various industrial sectors as well as companies. We cherish traditions and genuine craftsmanship. We have almost a hundred years of experience and extensive know-how on how to utilize traditional skills in wood processing. We work with Finnish coniferous lumber at our industrial area in Urjala.


We use modern and comprehensive equipment, which makes our work smooth. Because we know the properties and behavior of coniferous wood excellently, we can offer high-quality lumber for various industrial needs and enable special woodworking solutions for our partners both in Finland and throughout Europe. Ask also about special long or other special-sized spruce lumber!

We Saw, Plane, and Dry Coniferous Lumber

Coniferous wood can be used, among other things, in the packaging industry, construction, and special construction.


Our company produces high-quality coniferous lumber in the Urjala production area, which we saw, plane, and dry with strong professional skill.

If you have special size requests that are often hard to find elsewhere, feel free to contact us!

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Products According to Your Wishes

We serve companies and operators in various industrial sectors flexibly and manufacture custom products according to individual wishes and needs. You can provide us with a finished plan, but you can also leave the design to us and our network of partners. You will receive products according to your wishes with a quick delivery time. Through us, you can also order spruce beams and timbers in various dimensions.

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Order quality special spruce lumber from UrjalaWood Oy.

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