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UrjalaWood Oy provides high-quality Finnish birch for the needs of different industries from our industrial estate in Urjala. We offer our services for timber product, furniture and construction industries. Don't hesitate to turn to us if you, like us, respect traditional wood processing skills. 

Monipuoliset koivutuotteet

We provide birch timber, including edge-glued birch panels tailored to your individual needs. We also produce dimensional birch lumber for the furniture industry and different birch products from finished furniture to parts of buildings and entire structures. 

koivuntuotteiden valmistaminen nykyaikaisella konekannalla

Thanks to our multifunctional, up-to-date machinery, we are able to carry out a wide range of high-specification projects using birch and other tree varieties. 

From raw material to durable and stylish end product 

Our company has been operating in the fields of sawmilling and forestry for almost 100 years. We know all the processes of woodworking all the way from the forest to sawing, planing, drying and to the deployment of the finished product. Our 4,2-acre industrial estate is in Urjala, Pirkanmaa, with excellent connections to all larger urban areas in Southern Finland. 

We saw all our birch timber ourselves at our woodcarvers and all other timber comes from reliable Finnish suppliers.  Ecological sustainability is one of our core values and we always ensure that all of the material that we use is PEFC certified. 

We believe in the power of working together

We collaborate closely with several professional designers and architecture firms. We prefer to be part of the process straight from the drawing board and we study the product designs carefully. Our background in furniture design and manufacture helps us find functional, high-quality manufacturing solutions. We also collaborate with Finnish wood wholesalers, hardware stores and furniture factories and other production operators. We also collaborate with international companies who require birch timber. 


Order high-quality birch timber from Finnish provider, UrjalaWood. We are based in Urjala, Pirkanmaa. We provide specialist woodworking solutions tailored to your requirements. 

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