Bespoke birch products respecting traditional handicraft

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With birch products, UrjalaWood Oy is your ideal choice. We have nearly 100 years' experience in working with birch in increasingly demanding high-specification projects. In woodworking, we trust traditional craftsmanship whilst also appreciating the potential of modern machinery. We are a reliable subcontractor of birch and bold creators of our customers' innovative birch projects. 

Beautiful, flexible and durable birch

kestävät koivutuotteet, UrjaaWood Oy

Strong, durable, consistent quality

Correctly dried and treated birch is an extremely strong and durable material. Branchless material is ideal for, for example, the furniture industry and also used as flooring and it has a consistent high quality. 

Scandinaavista estetiikkaa, UrjalaWood Oy

Scandinavian aesthetics

Birch is aesthetically beautiful, which makes it an exceptional choice for many different purposes / for a variety of uses. Heartwood and sapwood both have a beautiful, pale colour, which is why the colour of birch has become the symbol of the understated Scandinavian style.

Lukemattomat käyttömahdollisuudet, UrjalaWood Oy

Limitless uses

Pliable birch lends itself to unlimited different uses. It is used to a great effect in furniture, interior design, flooring, plywood, the paper industry, in tools, sports equipment and musical instruments. 

Birch timber from our own production plant

We produce birch bark of exceptional quality in our Urjala industrial estate. Our experienced professionals saw, plane and dry the birch timber, ensuring that the material will be durable and optimally workable. industrial estate. Our experienced professionals saw, plane and dry the birch timber, ensuring that the material will be durable and optimally workable. We produce, for example, edge-glued panels and dimensional birch lumber, glued laminated birch timber, industrial products and furniture, all made from birch and tailored to your needs.


Individual orders

We take in individual orders from companies and industrial operators. You can either offer us your designs to work from or also entrust the designing to us and our wide network of highly skilled partners. We will meet your requirements with our solid expertise in woodworking. We tailor the products to your needs, always ensuring that you will get great value for money.


Birch timber currently in storage

Tree speciesTypeStrength/thicknessConditionAvailabilityGrading
BIRCHWaney25 mmFresh sawnYesE, A, A/B,B/C
BIRCHWaney32 mmFresh sawnYesE, A, A/B,B/C
BIRCHWaney40 mmFresh sawnYesE, A, A/B,B/C
BIRCHWaney50 mmFresh sawnYesE, A, A/B,B/C
BIRCHWaney63 mmFresh sawnYesE, A, A/B,B/C
BIRCHWaney75 mmFresh sawnYesE, A, A/B,B/C
BIRCHPlaned25x150ADYesE & A
BIRCHPlaned25x125ADYesE & A
BIRCHPlaned25x100Fresh sawnBeing sawnE & A

We also provide dimensional birch lumber tailored to your specifications.


AD = air-dried 12–18 % 

KD = kiln-dried 7–10 %

When you require birch products, place your trust on a professional who respects traditional craftsmanship. Finnish UrjalaWood Oy has close to 100 years of experience. We are here to help!

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