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When you need domestic aspen lumber, turn to our company, UrjalaWood Oy! We are experienced professionals in woodworking, cherishing traditions and genuine craftsmanship. We have long experience in utilizing Finnish aspen wood in both large and small projects. We master traditional skills in wood processing and naturally also use modern equipment as needed.


You will always receive customer-oriented and flexible service from us. Contact us and let us know how we can serve you!

Aspen is a Versatile Material

UrjalaWood Oy's operations started in the construction industry and later developed into a furniture workshop that produced durable furniture for homes from high-quality raw materials.


Aspen is one of the versatile materials we use. Traditionally, it has been used to make log houses, as it patinates to an impressive grey. It is also excellent for sauna benches, as it does not conduct heat and does not splinter. We can also make various pieces of furniture, toys, and decorative items from aspen wood according to your wishes.

We produce first-class aspen lumber in the Urjala production area. We saw, plane, and dry aspen lumber with strong professional skill. This allows us to ensure both the durability of the material and its excellent workability. Through a partner, we also offer thermally treated aspen lumber.

Unique Products

We competently serve companies and operators in various industrial sectors, and we manufacture unique custom-made products. We are happy to receive a finished plan, but you can also leave the design to us and our network of partners. You will get products according to your wishes at a good and competitive price.

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