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UrjalaWood Oy is pleased to offer you its services as an outstanding woodworking specialist. With long traditions and nearly 100 years of experience, we process Finnish birch timber at our industrial estate in Urjala, Finland. Our respect for genuine craftsmanship and our thorough knowledge of wood, its features and characteristics, form an excellent starting point for using high-quality wood to its best advantage for the requirements of different industries. We create specialist woodworking solutions for our partners in Finland and across Europe. Share your ideas and we will help you realise them!

Wood processing specialists –here to help you

Are you looking for a reliable provider of Finnish birch timber, such as edge-glued panels? Or are you looking for a producer of stylish and durable birch products, e.g. furnishing public spaces, different types of wood cladding or flooring or dimensional birch lumber and structures? We are here to help you! Finnish UrjalaWood Oy carries out your ideas with an innovative touch using our strong expertise, traditional craftsmanship and our modern, efficient machinery.


UrjalaWood Oy is your best choice for guaranteed success

Koivun työstö, UrjalaWood Oy

We respect traditions and craftsmanship

We have nearly 100 years of experience of treating and processing Finnish timber, especially birch, both using machinery and by traditional handicraft.

kustomoidut ratkaisut, UrjalaWood Oy

Our customised solutions turn your idea into reality

We provide specialist woodworking solutions for partners in Finland and elsewhere in Europe who are looking for quality, reliability and traditional handicraft.

koivutuote, UrjalaWood Oy

From the forest to a finished wood product

Thanks to our modern machinery and our professional handling of the entire process from processing the raw material all the way to the finest details of the finished product.

We provide high-quality birch timber from our own woodcarvers in Urjala. Contact UrjalaWood Oy and start a successful partnership with us. 

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