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Commission a true birch expert, UrjalaWood Oy, to carry out your project. We process Finnish birch using best-in-field, modern and high-capacity machinery skilfully to our advantage. We provide solutions and deliveries to companies and industrial operators in everywhere in Europe. 

Our background in genuine, traditional woodworking is an invaluable asset to us, as treating wood in the right way requires a thorough knowledge of its physical and working properties. Based on our know-how, we have developed our own woodworking methods which help us to ensure high quality and to create bold and spectacular special solutions. 

Skilled woodcarving using modern machinery

Expert use of CNC technology for 3D carving is one of our core skills. We use Alphacam for woodcarving, which enables the simultaneous use of almost all CAD programmes, solid model extract and direct machining. Proficient and skilful use of a CNC lathe helps us to design products and models fast and ensures efficient production. Woodturning is, in fact, one of our core competencies. At our Urjala woodworking shop, we use modern machinery with flexible capacity. As required, we are ready to take on large projects with a short turnaround. We also have a paint shop on the premises. 

Birch products

Heat treated wood

We carried out a large product-testing project, which has given us more experience of working with heat treated wood. Heat treatment improves wood's insulating properties and makes it resistant to rot and weather conditions. Our successful research project gave us invaluable knowledge of the properties of heat treated wood and its workability. With our increased knowledge, we are happy to take on projects using heat treated wood. 

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Are you looking for a solid expert in birch wood to carry out a demanging project? Contact UrjalaWood Oy for guaranteed success and high quality.

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