Glued laminated timber made of Finnish birch by a Finnish company

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At UrjalaWood Oy we respect woodworking traditions and genuine craftsmanship and we are your ideal partner in all your projects requiring wood, Finnish birch in particular. We are experienced professionals from Finland offering bespoke services with an extensive partner network, all of which enables us to ensure that that our customers are satisfied with the result. We produce a wide selection of birch timber, dimensional birch lumber, glued laminated birch timber and unique birch products. Contact us and share your plans with us – we will work out the best solution together.

Long-established company with traditional values

UrjalaWood Oy was established nearly 100 years ago when Finland was recovering from WW2 and woodworking professionals were in high demand. We started in construction but later developed into a furniture factory which produced durable quality furniture to Finnish homes from carefully selected materials using traditional craftsmanship. Please find more examples of our furniture here. 

Since then, we have developed our company into a an even more ambitious direction and widened our capacity and machinery to match the requirements of modern industry and the complex needs of companies. As a result, we produce exceptionally high-quality Finnish birch timber that is also exported to other European countries.  

One-stop service 

Our artisan background stemming from our history and traditions and our innovative take on work projects enable us to provide creative and flexible solutions for our wide customer base. When you bring us your product idea, we will wrap around it a comprehensive service package tailored to your specific requirements all the way from planning to production and installation. 

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Order glued laminated timber made from Finnish birch tailored to your requirements from UrjalaWood Oy.

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